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I am currently writing an essay for my English class to talk about the issue with cutting out all funding for Planned Parenthood. I am totally against funding being cut but need actual information on WHY it should not be cut. Do you know of any websites that can explain the need for Planned Parenthood? It would be greatly appreciated!

Or if anyone else knows of any good articles about it, please let me know:)

Planned Parenthood is so much more than just an abortion clinic, and I feel the mainstream media always neglects this fact. A majority of their services are dedicated to low/no-cost reproductive healthcare for low-income woman throughout the United States. Without Title X funding, these women would be even more limited in the access to preventative care. Search for academic journal articles with the subjects of “pap exam” and “low income.” You will get lots of articles with quantitative data supporting this argument and showing how big a void clinics like Planned Parenthood fill.

It’s also helpful to think of Planned Parenthood’s services in the big picture. By restricting a woman’s access to her yearly pap smear, we are actually putting her more at risk for cervical cancer. Should she develop cancer and wind up on Medicad, more tax dollars will be spent on her treatment than what a yearly well-woman screening would cost. This also goes for access to birth control. Without it, we could expect more unplanned pregnancies, which could mean an increase in welfare, WIC, and CHIP (all federally funded programs too). I hope that made sense. I did my best to word it correctly.

Here’s some resources to set you on your way, anniemamaburr:

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